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Free Storage Space No Longer Offered By Google Photos For Unsupported Videos

Free Storage Space No Longer Offered By Google Photos For Unsupported Videos

Google, in 2015, overhauled Photos app and launched unlimited videos and photos storage. Though this was a welcome feature for everyone, iOS and Android users had to permit the company to compact the content slightly so as to utilize the unrestricted storage space feature.

To get the identical resolution backup, iOS and Android users have to shell out a premium. Google, toting up to these tangled terms and conditions, now has now included one more clause to this agreement. The firm, moving forward, mentions that it will consider unsupported videos as a part of storage space.

This modification was divulged as a side-note on the support website of Google, on the unsupported video page. The message cites, “Videos would take up storage space uploaded after Dec 6, 2018.” This implies that the new modification is already in force without any indication to users. A majority of video formats are supported by Google, excluding a few such as RAW or VOB obtained from a professional high-end device. The video formats supported comprises.mod, .mpg, .tod, .mmv, .asf, .wmv, .divx, .avi, .m4v, .mov, .3g2, .3gp, .m2t, .mp4, .mts, .mkv, and .m2ts files.

This modification should not impact regular smartphone users who capture videos through their mobile phones. Those videos will carry on to be hoarded for free, nevertheless, users who storing big files captured in unsupported format will start using storage space now.

On a similar note, Google is also said to be validating a new Search feature that will assist its users to understand the right word pronunciation in a simpler manner. The latest “Learn to pronounce” tab appears to be rolling out for few users on mobile in Google search results.

Users, with this latest feature, can listen to British and American pronunciations of some words, along with directing the pace of the pronunciation for those having troubles with the enunciation. Besides the 2 alternatives, at present, there appears to be no other pronunciation for which one can verify the pronunciation on Search.

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