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Hertz Aims Faster Rentals With Fingerprints And Facial Recognition

Hertz Aims Faster Rentals With Fingerprints And Facial Recognition

Hertz declared this week that it is going to emphasize on fingerprint verification and facial recognition technology to pace up the rental procedures at airports. The rental car behemoth struck an agreement with Clear (biometric airport security firm) to offer the tech.

The two firms have already launched out this new service at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The service is dubbed as “Hertz Fast Lane powered by Clear.” It will only be accessible to members of Gold Plus Rewards program by Hertz, and these users will have to register to Clear individually. Hertz will not charge additional for the fast lane, but users will still have to pay the firm if they wish to employ the service for quicker access at airport security.

Clear and Hertz aim to expand the fast biometric lane to over 40 other areas next year, comprising New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport.

On a related note, facial recognition tech is being employed to elevate safety at one of the schools in Seattle, but the tech is powering debate over privacy issues. The Seattle Times claimed that the firm RealNetworks started providing the tech free of cost to K-12 schools this summer to enhance school safety.

The tech is in employment at the University Child Development School. The school offered parents the choice of adding their face to the data set, and so far almost 300 parents have added their face. If a parent’s face is verified by the system, the door unlocks, lowering the requirement for someone within the school to respond to the buzzer.

Senior director at the Seattle tech firm for product management, Mike Vance, leads the group that developed SAFR (Secure, Accurate Facial Recognition), pronounced “safer.” It took almost 8 Million faces, 3 Years, and over 8 Billion data points to design the tech, which can verify a face with almost perfect accurateness.

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