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Elon Musk Claims There Is 70% Chance Of Him Moving Mars

Elon Musk has spoken about personally going to Mars earlier, but how probable is he to make the journey, actually? Well, he just placed a number on it. In a statement to the interview regarding the Axios on the documentary series aired on HBO, Musk claimed that there was a “70%” possibility he will go to Mars. There have been “recent amount of inventions” that have made it capable, he claimed. And as he pointed earlier, it would expectedly be a one-way trip. He anticipates shifting there.

Musk also refused the thought that traveling to the Red planet can be a “loop hole for the rich” in its present form. He claimed that an advertisement for going to Mars will be similar to Shackleton’s advertisement for going to the Antarctic, which (although expectedly not real) made obvious how unsafe the journey to South Pole was. Even if you go to Mars, you will spend all your time developing the base and grappling to survive in harsh situations, Musk claimed.

On a related note, earlier Musk posted that Tesla Model 3’s batteries employ not more than 3% of a costly chemical dubbed as cobalt. He claimed that the next generation battery will employ none of the substance, which some have dubbed as the “blood diamond of batteries.”

Cobalt is a major element of batteries. It is also the priciest substance in the battery and mined below conditions that frequently infringe human rights. Consequently, startups and scientists are rushing to make a battery free of cobalt. The “next-gen” claim by Musk is an unclear phrase that does not set out a specific timeline. So it is not possible to know when he will launch the battery. But do not hope it to be in the coming couple of years.

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