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Weather Up Now Syncs With Your Calendar Events To Show Forecasts

Weather Atlas has renovated its application to Weather Up, and the 2.0 upgrade conveys calendar-synced international support, event forecasts, and an elevated subscription cost. Earlier $0.49/month or $4.99/year, the subscription for Weather Up Pro, which adds event forecasts and extra icons & widgets and gets rid of ads, is now $1.99/month or $9.99/year.

Although pretty helpful, syncing events in calendar to weather applications is not a new thing. Other applications such as Fresh Air (earlier dubbed as Weather or Not) have had this capability since 2014 and provide it with no subscription model. But to Weather Up’s advantage, its interface makes it a lot simpler to see all of your events at a glimpse, rather than one day at a time. Weather Up is very pledged to making certain that the interface is exactly as per your liking. It offers you options to modify the icon designs for weather.

On a related note, Apple earlier upgraded its Shortcuts app, including new measurement conversions, weather integration, and enhanced iCloud sharing, amongst other functions. Now, Shortcuts allows you to check forthcoming forecasts on weather with the “Get Weather Forecast” and “Get Current Weather” features that are accessible for you to include to any traditional shortcut.

You can also toggle an alarm, generate an alarm, and begin a timer. Earlier, the app had some shortcuts that you can try to employ as timers (such as the Laundry Timer Shortcut, which was efficiently a countdown timer). But now, you can create your own direct shortcuts using a direct timer. You can also convert and measure measurements, such as centimeters to inches, more expediently. There is a “Get Last Import” feature you can include to shortcuts that easily gives the most lately imported pics. With the new Shortcuts, you can also use a shortcut and it will automatically run it.