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Google Play Is Making All Movie Rentals Available For $0.99

Thanksgiving is on the edge, and once you have ended your meal, what better way to unwind than by fighting over a film to watch with your family? Fortunately, Google is here to assist: for Thanksgiving Day, all film rentals accessible on the Play Store will have a price tag of $0.99, indicating that apart from the nearly never-ending list of Netflix alternatives, you now have almost every film present for you.

Apart from the movie rental offering, Google will be operating sales on apps, movies, books, and TV shows over the course of “Cyber Week,” comprising discounts on shows such as American Horror Story and Game of Thrones, movies such as Teen Titans Go! to the Movies and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, and much more. In addition to this, Google is also providing a discount on Starz subscriptions for a price tag of $5 on monthly basis for your initial 3 Months.

On a related note, Google Play Store earlier turned out to be a platform for yet one more malware. As per a media, 145 applications on the Google Play Store have been detected with nasty Windows executable files rather than malicious IFrames. Since the problem was reported to the firm, it has taken down the applications from its store.

In spite of the malware, these applications are claimed to be harmless for the Android mobile OS since these embedded executable files can only operate on Windows OS. They are ineffective and inert on the Android OS. One probable cause for this virus has been claimed that the developers are generating software on compromised Windows PCs that are affected with malware, although the same developers provide both non-infected and infected apps on Google Play. According to the report, these infected applications were rolled out on Google Play between October 2017 and November 2017.