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Twitter Renovates iOS App To Reduce Importance Of Follower Counts

Twitter Renovates iOS App To Reduce Importance Of Follower Counts

Twitter has made counts of follower seem less important on its iOS application by turning the font size much smaller in a new renovation effort, as per a spokesperson of Twitter. The modification comes after Jack Dorsey (CEO) frequently claimed that he wished to rethink how the firm can prioritize “significant” charts over numbers such as likes, retweets, and follows.

Follower counts are just a part of data that has been degraded through this redesign. A spokesperson of Twitter claimed to the media that other details such as birthdays, locations, mutual follows, join dates, and following counts have been made smaller too. The spacing and type sizes have been modified to prioritize some parts of data on consumer profiles over others, claimed the company spokesperson.

The modification is delicate, but it is fraction of Twitter’s plans to revise some of the functions of the website. By reducing the sizes of font, consumers’ eyes are not drawn to the number almost as much as when it is bigger.

On a related note, Twitter earlier upgraded a part of its reporting procedure, particularly when you flag a tweet that you believe may be arriving from a fake account or a bot masquerading as something or someone else. Now, when you click the “it’s spam or suspicious” option below the report menu, you will be capable of specifying why you feel that, comprising a choice to state “the account posting this is bogus.”

Twitter declared the modification via its authorized safety account this week, and it is now live on both the mobile version and web version of the platform. You can see an instance of the mobile report flow relating to this upgrade.

While this modification certainly offers consumers a bit of much-required granularity in the reporting procedure, it is still less obvious what occurs after you have flagged the report to safety team of the firm.

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