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Babies’ Brain Responses To Face Touch Calculated For The First Time

Babies’ Brain Responses To Face Touch Calculated For The First Time

A brain of the newborn baby responds to touch on his/her face, as per new study co-led by UCL. Babies use facial somatosensation (sense of touch) to find and get attached with their mother. The research claims that babies must have this capability from birth. Premature newborns often have difficulty while feeding, and the underdevelopment of their facial sense of touch might be one of the main factors.

Scientists from Imperial College London, UCL, Universitá Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, and UCLH designed a new technique to examine this sense of touch in newborns and how their brains acts employing EEG (electroencephalography).

Present techniques of triggering brain activity in response to touch are not appropriate for a face of a newborn baby, so academics have designed a tool attached on the fingertip. The newborn can be delicately tapped on the cheek, and then brain reactions are calculated as well as the tapping force.

On a related note, according to a new report, babies that are raised in a surrounding with more than one language help them to develop their basic cognitive skills. These skills consist of problem solving and decision making. And most shocking of all, all these skills are developed even before they learn to speak.

The report was based upon a survey that was taken based on the analysis done on 16 babies at the University of Washington. Out of those 16, 8 of them belonged to those houses that come under English-speaking environment. The remaining 8 belonged to English- as well as Spanish-speaking house.

The babies were exposed to different speech sounds, from Spanish- and English-specific sounds to preverbal. Experts analyzed the responses to the sounds from babies by means of magnetoencephalography (MEG) that assisted them specifically recognize which section of the brain was functionally triggered.

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