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With Autonomous Robots, Commercial Package Delivery Service Launched By Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies, a robotics startup, made up of two of Skype’s founders, launched what it says is the world’s first: a robotic, commercial, standalone and parcel delivery service.

Starship Technologies was founded in 2014 by Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis in Estonia and has launched a large number of standalone delivery tests on food and other small packages in dozens of cities around the world. Instead of using aerial drones like many companies such as Amazon, Starship Technologies have built a group of robots that cross the ground and maneuver along the sidewalks of their own free will. However, they can also be monitored remotely and controlled by people, if the situation requires it.

There are a few other players on the ground, perhaps more specifically Marble, based in San Francisco who recently completed a $10 Million round of funding.

Previously in this year, Starship Technologies introduced a comprehensive commercial meal distribution service for academic and business campuses in Europe and the United States. This program was started in part by the giant restaurant Compass Group which began at the Intuit Campus in Mountain View where employees can order food from the Starship mobile app and the robot bring them food.

Now, Starship Technologies launches a parcel delivery service that promises to deliver all kinds of goods directly to people.

Bayer got connected with Starship as CEO in June when the company raised an additional $25 Million, swapping co-founder Heinla in charge.

For the time being, Starship’s new service is restricted to a number of vicinities in Milton Keynes, a large city north of London, UK, but this is preceded by a much larger commitment to distribute packages to parts of the United States before the end of the year. We also plan to offer this service next month on an undisclosed Mountain View campus, although based on existing cooperation between Starship and Intuit, would be a good bet for this expansion.

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