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Latest Edition Of Apple Maps May Give Google Some Serious Rivalry

Given how spirited Google and Apple are nowadays, it is simple to forget that the two firms used to be on specific good terms. Apple began operating on its own mapping software and eventually rolled out Apple Maps with iOS 6.

Now, Apple Maps has enhanced significantly. Indeed, for most of the iOS consumers, Apple Maps is the sole mapping app they employ. Still, there is no denying that Google Maps has long surpassed Apple in a number of regions, a factor that was highly laid out in a must-read blog put together by Justin O’Beirne (former Apple employee and cartographer) late last year.

From a noticeable elevation in the number of building footprints to detailed imagery of vegetation, the newest edition of Apple Maps seems to have the capability to turn into a solid competitor to Google Maps. Fascinatingly, there are even regions where Apple Maps has streets that Google Maps does not. Certainly, the looming question is when the refreshed mapping data by Apple will roll out all over other regions.

On a related note, Apple earlier claimed that it is reconstructing the broadly employed mapping app on its handsets from the scratch with its personal dataset, but Amsterdam-located TomTom NV will carry on to be a data supplier for Maps app by Apple. Apple did not claim how its employment of TomTom might compare to its earlier employment, but shares of TomTom dropped after the news.

Apple claimed that it is fully reconstructing its Maps application. Maps is the most frequently employed application on its iPhones. The company will do this with data collected by its own series of sensor-integrated vans and with anonymous information from iPhone consumers that select to share it. Apple claimed it will begin the launch this winter with latest maps of Northern California.