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Skin Cancer Mortality Rate Increase For Men Compare To Women In Developed Nations

Skin cancer fatalities in men have mounted in wealthy nations from 1985, compared with mortality rates in women are raising more slowly or even dropping, scientists stated at a medical conference in Glasgow. Dr. Dorothy Yang—at the Royal Free London Hospital—stated that causes for the inconsistency between sexes are not clear but facts suggest men are “fewer likely to shield themselves from the Sun” or listen to public health cautions.

According to the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control), almost more than 90% of melanoma cancers are precipitated by skin cell loss due to exposure to the Sun or other sources of UV (ultraviolet) radiations like tanning beds. In 8 out of 18 countries inspected, skin cancer death rates in men have been increased by at least 50% in the last 30 Years. In two countries—Croatia and Ireland—it has approximately doubled. Also considering a sharp leap were in Britain and Spain (70%), the Netherlands (60%), and France & Belgium (50%). According to CDC statistics, in the U.S. (which was excluded in the research) male melanoma death increased nearly by 25%. But the countries with the highest increase in skin cancer deaths were frequently not those with the majority of elevated mortality rates, the study showed. For example, in Australia, almost 6 out of every 100,000 men give way to the disease in 2013–2015.

Speaking of cancer, recently, Australian researchers have created the world’s first blood test to identify melanoma in its primary stages. Early examination of the test involving 209 people demonstrated the test was able of spotting early phase melanoma in 81.5% of cases. The scientists—from Edith Cowan University—next footstep is to conduct clinical trials to authenticate their findings, with hopes that the test would be available in the market in about 3 to 5 Years. Professor Mel Ziman—Head of the Melanoma Research Group—reported that the test has the perspective to save thousands of lives.

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