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Uber Is Offering Various Deals To Its Employees For Business Improvement

Today, Uber is initiating a new program, Uber Pro, in which the company motivates its top performing drivers by offering them or their families with college tuition fees. Along with this, the drivers would be able to get other bonuses including discount on the car maintenance costs and cash back on purchasing gas.

There are few terms and conditions announced by Uber related to rewards. The company provides free tuition only over the online classes affiliated to Arizona State University. If the driver does not want or eligible to claim the offer, it would be passed on to any one of the family members. By purchasing the gas using an Uber Visa Debit Card, drivers would receive 5% cash back. Along with this, the program would offer a 25% discount to the drivers on car maintenance only through Uber approved shops.

The offer would not be available to all the drivers participating in this program. It will follow multiple levels based reward system. Drivers by completing trips would gather points that can be redeemed to avail offers. Along with this, the drivers will have to earn points even to qualify in the next level of reward system. According to BuzzFeed, Uber said that around 50% of the drivers have earned sufficient points by driving less than 30 hours per week to qualify the Uber Pro.

Uber is launching the program initially in Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey, New Orleans, Tampa, Orlando, Denver, and Phoenix. Drivers who are eligible for the program on the basis of their past three months record are automatically enrolled in it.

To be eligible with the top place in Uber Pro, drivers will have the compulsion to maintain the average customer ratings of 4.85 or more than that. Drivers received customer ratings below 4.75 would be disqualified from the program.

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