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WEF Says Robots Would Create More Jobs


Robots are all set to replace millions of employees but still they are better than the automated machineries. This fact was validated in a report by the WEF from Switzerland. World Economic Forum has forecasted that the human look alike will be replacing close to 75 million work places but in addition to this, they will also create 133 million new opportunities. This gives the whole situation a very positive outlook. The report says that the innovation in computer technology will free man power for more important tasks. There is also another section of people which believes that there is no surety that the lost employment is going to be replaced.

World Economic Forum heads the renowned Davos Networking program is of the opinion that as these robots and new formulas will substantially help in improving the efficiency of current jobs and hence lead the way for plenty of new ones in the upcoming time. This means that there will be more requirements in the field of software development, data analysis and social media specialization along with in the sectors relating to human characteristics like teachers and customer care executives. They also warned that the whole scenario may bring with itself significant amount of disruption because some jobs will gradually become unnecessary and dispensable. The robots can easily take the places in areas like accounting, factory units, post office jobs and the secretarial and clerical work. This major change will lead to an updation of the employees to suit their present job requirements. They also appealed to the respective government to be ready with preventive measures for the employees who are going to lose their jobs.

Last month, chief economist of Bank of England expressed concerns that robots can overtake a large number of jobs in the UK. He said that all the companies should be prepared to accommodate the large number of workers innovatively but it remains to be seen how far they can manage with the extra work force.


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