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The UN General Assembly to Witness a Tough Stance from the US

The UN General Assembly will gather next week with important issues to be discussed.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States sees the platform as an opportunity to condemn Iran. His speech is scheduled for September 25. It is expected that he would use tough language against Iran and will denounce Tehran on its terrorism sponsors and military interventions.

The Security Council session will be chaired by President Trump and it is set for September 26 tentatively.

But the European allies of the US have other plans. They are not willing to go along with President Trump. France, Germany, and Britain are not going to allow the US to ask for the nuclear deal to be scrapped.

A series of measures are being worked upon so that Tehran can continue to have healthy business relationships with Europe. Reducing the impact of US sanctions enforced on Iran is one of them, say officials from Europe.

The meetings are already in process at the lower levels, where participating countries are represented by various leaders in forums and bilateral meetings. This will give an opportunity for everyone to present their thoughts and views.

Iran is a threat to world peace and security says a US official. Trump administration feels that Iran had not entirely fulfilled its agreement when relief of economic sanctions was provided in exchange for the nuclear program.

The assemble conversation will certainly not be a pleasant one, says Conservative Senior Vice President, Ilan Berman, of the American Foreign Policy Council.

Maja Kocijancic says that the nuclear deal is necessary for providing security as long as Iran holds on to its commitments on the nuclear deal.

Iran is facing some dire crisis in its country. The Iranian Rial is seeing a deep fall in its value, while the economy is facing a deep crisis with protests, corruption, and an inefficient Iranian government.

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