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The CEO Of Google Warns The Employees Against Any Bias

Sundar Pichai forwarded a memo on Friday to the employees stating that the company will not develop its services which help political views, thus warning its staff that someone violating this policy will have to face repercussions, according to the media reports. The CEO said that the company will not bias its products to support any kind of political agenda. He added that the user’s trust over the company is the greatest asset for them and they will protect it always. Any Google if tries to compromise with this trust will be liable of it.

The note of Pichai came after a day when it was reported in a Journal that the employees of Google have discussed changes for the functions of web search in order to counter a travel ban made by the Trump’s administration which was seen last year. Some recent news referenced an email which suggested that the company will compromise integrity of their search results functions for political end, reports Pichai on Friday. He says that, this thing is absolutely wrong.

President Trump last month tweeted against Google complaining that it manipulates the search results for suppressing conservative viewpoints. Before this, due to conspiracy Alex Jones has been kicked away from Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and rest other services. Due to this, Trump accused social media services for discriminating against rights. Also, Congress held many hearings in order to explore the way tech giants such as Google, Twitter and Facebook deals with the content provided on their sites. Bloomberg reported that they have some potential executives from White House which will ask government agencies for recommending some tactics which may protect the competition between different online platforms while address the bias in online platforms. The order asks the antitrust authorities of US to investigate about any violation of laws made by such online platforms.

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