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McDonald’s Workers Are On Strike Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

McDonald’s Workers Are On Strike Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

A countrywide strike was ordered by Fight for $15, following to the complaint filed by the workers of McDonald against the company in May.

In the suburb of St. Louis, “Hold your burgers and Hold your Fries. Keep your hands off my thighs,” is what the workers were chanted. In the Chicago region, they used blue duct tape that read “MeToo” that covered their mouths. And in the region of Kansas City, the worked held a sign with the hashtag of same anti-sexual harassment, in which the first letter was styled just like the golden arches of McDonald.

To this, the organizers of the strike said, it was more than a century that a first strike conducted against the workplace sexual harassment. Hundreds of the company’s workers in the mentioned cities along with other seven citied demanded that the biggest food chain in the nation has to do more to fight against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Kimberly Lawson said, explaining the reason for skipping her shift to be the part of the strike that “We are protesting for a cause today and it is more important than work.” As told by Ms. Lawson, the crowd in Kansas City felt like trapped as a manager committed undesired advances.

She said, “We are able of protecting each other and asked for the justice we deserved.”

The employees in the restaurants have a huge proportion of the labor force of the US, as the fast food joints are offering more jobs than any other industry in the past decade. But usually, restaurants pay low wages and hired an unaccountable number of young individuals, making them work in the domain specifically prone to workplace sexual harassment.

As said by McDonald, we had called experts like Rainn, the non-profit organization for anti-sexual assault, to make sure that we are doing all in our power to deal with workplace sexual harassment issue.

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