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Amazon To See Bigger Critics From Both The Ends To Bring It Down

Amazon became the world’s second company in US to hit the $1 Trillion mark as announced on 4th September. Earlier to this summer, the chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest person with his personal fortune worth $167billion. The company and Bezos successfully managed to keep out their political attention, though it has to undergo various criticisms for its poor labor and low wages practices, thus Senator of US, Bernie Sanders passed a bill stating an Act named as Stop Bezos that helped the employees by imposing taxes on employers. Tucker Carlson, Fox News Commenter said that Bezos is not paying enough to the workers. He also criticized Uber and Walmart for underpaying the workers and making them fall on federal safe net which is considered to be indefensible scam. Already, Donald Trump has called Amazon as an “antitrust problem” & “tax shelters” and made fun of Bezos which he owns from Amazon separately. Trump even forced postal services which raised the rates to be imposed on Amazon.

Amazon took rare step by responding Vermont Senator during a big blog post, saying that their accusations are inappropriate and misleading. The company has created almost 130000 jobs, paid their wages and provided them a clean and safe workplace. Amazon also encouraged the employees working with them to contact with Sanders and sharing their positive experiences. Also, the company deployed some Twitter ambassadors who worked in warehouses by tweeting about some good responses on behalf of Amazon. Also, political pressure seems to get rise as the company’s valuation along with the CEO’s wealth which were easily targeted. Though Amazon is aware of this, it doesn’t admit it. In the history of Amazon, its chief kept the customers satisfied and the profit expecting investors at a bay. It has been difficult to judge the company as it is said that it was not perfect.

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