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The Employees Of Google Are Resigning Over The Company Efforts For Re-entering China

The employees of Google, the search engine giant are unhappy with company’s repeated attempts for re-entering the Chinese markets. The employees are reported to be resigning as a symbol of protest as per the reports of The intercept. Google has been witnessing scrutiny over its plans to make a separate search engine which will be censored. This comes after 8 years the company got retreated from China. A new project which has been reportedly codenamed as Dragonfly has attracted severe criticism from the workforce of Google. Its employees who were around 1000 in numbers have signed a letter urging their company to maintain the transparency about the said project.

They also urged the company to create a review process which will be ethical and will include the rank employees as well and not just the higher level executives. Some of the employees are seen to be climbing to a higher level by resigning off directly. According to the reports of The Intercept, it includes a Sr. research Scientist named Jack Poulson who has been working with Google for around 2 years. He worked previously at the Stanford University as an assistant professor for mathematics. It is said that a minimum of 6 employees have resigned along with him over the Dragonfly. The spokeswomen from Google however refused to comment anything over him.

She said that it is against the policies of company to comment over individual staff. She also emphasized over the company’s attempt to enter Chinese markets and called that the launch isn’t imminent. The resignations being witnessed at Google are symbolizing the shift in the cultural environment of the company. This has happened for the 2nd time in the past few months that the employees of Google have resigned as a mark of their protest against the project of the company.

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