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Paris And London Will Link With Fast Internet Across English Channel

A high-speed internet connection in between England and France will be built. The link will be across the English Channel, which opens new ways of superfast financial trading between the nations after Brexit.

The America data center goliath, Equinix, in association with an Irish cable organization will build the first-ever subsea cable for 20 years across the English Channel. This 300-mile link is explained as the data equivalent to the Channel Tunnel, which will cut connection time as well as assist in dealing with the immense amount of traffic expected to experience in upcoming years.

The channel will get connect an Equinix data center in Paris with the company’s center located in Slough, which is among the biggest high-speed trading hub in Britain.

Increasing demand for high-speed connections all over the world has made the internet companies invest in undersea cables that are capable of transferring huge amounts of data in no time. Real-time machines and automatic cars will heavily depend on the fast-speed internet to connect with the data centers for faster processing of information.

The cable across the channel, which is scheduled to come in first half 2020, could be a solution to the fear that Brexit will put pressure on the financial activity out of Britain, as the traders in London will be having a faster access to the Paris market.

The direct link between France and England will reduce the distance a signal has to travel, which leads to a quick delivery of fast-speed internet connections.

The cable used for cross-channel connection is built by IFSC and will have a life of 20 — 25 years. The company is going to install the cable under the sea at a depth of 1.5 meters and will have a twofold protection to safeguard it from anchors drop by vessel.

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