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Get Brexit Right or Lose Jobs, Profits…Warns Jaguar Boss

Jaguar Land Rover, one of the biggest brands in the market of the automobile, has warned the government of the country to get hands on the right Brexit. He also stated that violation of the same may land the company in a tight corner, leading to the loss of jobs.

Theresa May stated to release the £106 million green vehicles as a result of which Ralf Speth from Jaguar Land Rover mentioned the speculated situation of the European Unions as horrifying. While attending the first-ever Zero Emission Vehicle Summit, he stated that the wrong decisions are being taken in the negotiation terms with Brussels, which may lead the country to a tight corner. In fact, it may cost the company worth £1.2 billion each year. He also stated that the slightest disturbance in the border may lead to a jeopardized scenario for the various businesses.

He stated that the UK is the home for many businesses and a tough Brexit will cost them a huge amount that will not only wipe a big portion of the profit but will also sabotage the forthcoming endeavors of the zero-emissions and autonomous projects.

According to the spokesperson of the PM, she has plans in store to protect the automobile industry under the proposal of Chequers Brexit.

The Chief of JLR stated that the UK is not witnessing a good productivity, which will face a worse scenario if the deals of Brexit fail to offer proper results. In fact, he may shift the production house to Poland to cut the cost associated with the production. As a quarter of a million citizens of the country are dependent on the success of the company, they will be affected severely.

He further expressed his disappointment in the matter of elevated taxes on the diesel vehicles and the stricter regulations.

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