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Samsung Electronics To Have Its 6th AI Center In Chelsea, New York

Samsung Electronics To Have Its 6th AI Center In Chelsea, New York

Samsung is all set to open a new AI center in New York that is focused to work on Robotics. Earlier the company had its facilities in the US, Korea, the UK, Russia, and Canada. The new facility of AI is there to strengthen the AI capabilities of the company.

Daniel D. Lee, Exe. VP, Samsung Research, who becomes part of Samsung Electronics last June, is going to lead the new AI center which will be located in the heart of Chelsea. He is a renowned name in the field of AI robotics.

  1. Sebastian Seung, Exe. VP, Samsung Research, under his guidance and efforts the new AI facility will go to move towards the AI research in robotics. Seung, being the chief research scientist of the company, will make sure that the Samsung will develop more growth opportunities with advanced AI Research.

President & Head, Hyun-suk Kim, Samsung Research, said, “What we require to focus on now is to develop new values to work in the direction of making people’s lives easier and more comfortable by incorporating AI in the range of product and services offered By Samsung.” To make this happen, our Global AI facilities, along with the newly started New York AI Center is going to play a very significant role.

Samsung has also discussed its plans to increase its advanced AI research abilities to hire around 1,000 AI professionals by 2020. Including the New York one, Samsung will have 6 AI facilities in all over the world, and all these facilities work in an association to accomplish the AI research goals of the company.

Samsung hopes, the global AI facility center will add up to the AI research with their novel regional strengths, and Samsung is looking forward to expanding the new AI centers to other technologies and talent-rich regions to concrete its position as an AI research industry leader.

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