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Trump gives a Push to Short-Term Health Insurance

The Trump government is now advocating the sale of short-term insurance plans by aiding the insurers by giving them the go ahead. This health insurance policy is going to be used as barter against the law policies enforced by Obama. The people are unable to manage the high amount of premiums associated with the previous plans. The new plan does not seem adequate with minimum benefits and they do not include cover for present medical conditions, if any. This is the reason officials are not convinced of the policy being popular with the general consumers who want an individual plan. Most of the general public who have some persisting health conditions or maybe some future concerns regarding their health would want the Obama care plan for themselves. Alex Azar, secretary for health services informed that although some people still may be comfortable with the previous plan, they are just providing the people with an alternative.

The new policy will be valid just for 12 months and it is renewable up till 3 years but the government does not give any guarantee for the renewal. The policy also comes with a disclaimer that they will not be meeting the requirements and safety features of Affordable Care law. Further details about the new plan are expected to arrive by Wednesday. An official from HHS said that they acknowledge that this new plan is not going to give proper coverage to the policy holder but they understand the needs of some people out there that are not in a position to pay the high priced premiums.

The Trump administration has not been able to revoke much of the policies which were implemented at the time of Obama rule but they are now trying to give the citizens who are not qualified for subsidy an affordable alternative. From the coming year, the government plans to withdraw tax levy from people who will take up the short term insurance to lure more numbers.