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UK TUC Advocates 4 Working Days per Week

The Trade Union Corporation of UK is recommending four working days in a week if the companies are pressurized to use the new techniques to support their work staff. This was declared in the Trade Union at their annual seminar where it appealed to the administration to take measures so that the employees will be working less but their salaries will be the same. The innovations in the field of robotics, automation and AI could be the reason for a 200 Million Pound boon in the economic development of the country in the next 10 Years. The trend is already being followed at Welsh where the employees are getting full salary in lieu of four days of work. However, the firm’s founder said that this change of arrangement of work days is not an easy task. The company is on it since last 18 Months. They were trying to prove that four days of work can also be as fruitful as that of five days and the results are surely worth the efforts. The company’s outputs have increased manifolds and they are now planning for expansion too.

One of the partners of the company has started spending his free time with his family and children. He said that his father was never there for him during his childhood years and it is important for him as parent to be present for his children. Another worker has utilized her time to get her poetry collection published. She is of the opinion that this extra day can be used for the house chores so that the weekend is absolutely free for them to spend as per their choice. She further added that she cannot understand the reason behind people not accepting this way of working.

TUC said that around 1.4 Million people were working for all the seven days in the country and half of them expressed their concerns about the benefits of technology up gradation from AI transferring to the higher level employees and share owners.

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