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Half Of The 60+ Population Did Not Use Bowel Cancer Screening Kit In UK

While the health world aims to do more research to bring better cure to cancer, recently it was discovered that people of UK kept the bowel testing kit unused. This screening kit was provided to a group of people with the goal of detecting the occurrence of cancer cells even before the symptoms appeared.

The testing process involved collecting small stool samples in special envelopes which were provided in the kit. The kits were provided by the Cancer Research institute of UK and when recently they checked, it was seen that almost half of the population did not use the kit. This kit was provided to people in the age group of 60-64 in 2015. Tragically, almost 49% of the seniors have returned the kit unused. When in 2010 the same kit was given to people 53% usage was recorded. Organization for Cancer Research in the United Kingdom has said that they are worried about the higher numbers of unused kits.

Anne Parmenter, aged 63 received this kit on her 60th birthday. She is a resident of South London and informed that at first she thought of not doing the test but then did it and sent back the kit to the hospital. The next Tuesday she received a letter from the hospital asking her to visit them for more tests. Anne feels grateful because the kit technically saved her life. Before this test she had developed no signs of cancer and was doing well while internally bowel cancer had emerged. After the tests Anne went through surgery and chemotherapy. She is now doing well.

While looking at the test results University College London discovered that out of 4.4 million respondents most were women (56%). Men (47%) and people falling under the poorer sections of the society seemed less enthusiast to take the test.