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Google Want Their URL To Get Removed But They Don’t Have Any Alternative For It

URL, an online address which is considered to be the most vital part of browsers and Web we use mostly is getting problematic these days. The complex structure of such a URL is exploited by some people who develop phishing sites which superficially look legitimate, but in fact, they are malicious. Also, some tricks seem simple as making longer domain names which are not fully visible in mobile phone browsers; or many times some nefarious techniques seem to be used. Due to this reason, many developers of Chrome want to introduce some new feature instead of this, but it is still vague for them.

Chrome uses a label named “Not Secure” instead of displaying the protocol name which can be understood by anyone. Other browsers use different colors which highlight the actual black printed domain name from the remaining grey printed URL. While, Apple’s Safari uses an address bar which suppresses entire URL, keeping domain name as it is, by showing only the whole text as soon as the address tab is clicked. By keeping the security implications away, the URLs looks strange, as the portion of the domain name is read in the reversed direction from the left side to the right. The location thus tends to move from general towards specific.

Google seems to be tight-lipped while developing something new for URL and they are aware of such an enormous challenge ahead of them. Hence, the developers by Chrome are working in order to understand the use of URLs in different contexts before doing some new recommendation. Many times URLs are typed by people, while sometimes they are hidden or opaque behind the hyperlinks. Also, some kinds of URLs are good to share, but others aren’t. Some URLs are shown with a large space on the screen, while some URLs are cramped and are partially visible. Till now, browsers are left with some patchwork which is expected to make it more simple and safe in coming days.

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