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US Diplomats Fall Ill Due To Sonic Attacks Causing Brain Injuries

US Diplomats Fall Ill Due To Sonic Attacks Causing Brain Injuries

Researchers are analyzing bizarre reports of diplomats of the US in Cuba which is then followed by China of hearing distressing noises before diagnosed with symptoms which are very much same as the one found during brain trauma, which have been pointed out as the most common cause and it is not a type of mysterious sonic device, as speculated earlier.

Rather, as per the New York Times report published on Saturday, the researchers become convinced that the staff was attacked by the unknown parties with some type of emitter that has been easy to convey in a truck.

Dr. Smith, said, “At first everyone was skeptical about it” but now everybody is agreed that there was something. He remarked that the medical practitioners and the US diplomatic staff were jokingly considering the trauma as the flawless concussion.

There has been a different scientific study finding that both microwave radiation and pulsed radiofrequency could be the possible source of produced effects noticed by the medical professionals and the US diplomats, as written by Science Daily.

Beatrice A. Golomb, medical professor, University of California in San Diego, published a paper in Neural Computation commented that the diagnosed symptoms are same as the one reported in other health issues associated with Microwave and radiofrequency exposure.

The theory of microwave is a recent one in a long thread of reasons that has involved each little thing from a malfunctioned ultrasonic surveillance device to psychogenic illness or exposure to toxic elements.

However, as noted by the Times that the individuals who agree on the plausibility such as r. James C. Lin, editor-in-chief of Bio Electro Magnetics and Scientist of the University of Illinois, investigator of the federal government as well as State Department, the evidence is pointing that there has been something shady is going on.

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