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NASA’s CO2 Challenge Allows The Astronauts To Stay Longer On Mars

NASA’s CO2 Challenge Allows The Astronauts To Stay Longer On Mars

NASA is expecting that the astronauts who are on Mars or will soon go on the Red Planet can produce the needed material on the Red planet itself.

But the accomplishment of the expectation is not as easy as it looks like. The agency has an idea, about achieving the goal of producing the required materials on the Mars itself, though, the agency called by the people to help.

The agency is coming up with a CO2 conversion challenge that challenges the individuals to look out for sure ways of turning CO2 (Carbon dioxide) into various compounds that the astronauts can use on Mars as well as develop on their own, as the planet has an abundance of CO2.

However, the competition gives much emphasis on the making of glucose, as it is the most efficient compounds on a trip. During the first phase of the competition, the team will submit their design explaining their approach in details, out of which 5 teams will be selected and won a prize worth $50K each.

The team whose designs got selected will level –up to the second phase and in this they have to build and show the functionality of their solutions. The most efficient model will be selected and the most promising candidate will win a prize of around $750K.

The registration for the competition is active now, the enrollment will be done till January 24, 2019, and the team has to submit their entries by February 28. The judging process will go on in between March 8 and April 10.

The team, who wins the competition, had the best conversion method that makes it possible for a human to stay on mars for a longer duration, as they will take less cargo and last longer as they can make their own compounds they need during the stay.

The conversion process will as well helps on Earth.

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