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Positive Approach For Internet Ballooning By Uganda And Other African Nations

Loon, a subsidiary of Alphabet began as a Google project is in introductory talks with Uganda could provide Wi-Fi service by ballooning some rural areas of the African country, confirmed the company on Thursday.

Loon that was born from Google X skunkworks Lab, use balloons to transport equipment from the cell tower to the stratosphere and distribute an internet service based on 4G LTE technology on large areas of land. The company was created to provide Internet services to people living in remote areas and who otherwise would not be able to get it.

On Tuesday, media in Uganda reported that an agreement had already been reached and that the Loon balloons would soon float across the country. However, Scott Coriell, a Loon spokesman, said there was still no agreement between the company and Uganda.

“A team from Loon met with authorities in Uganda earlier this week to discuss how Loon works and its security commitment,” Coriell said in a statement. “We are still discussing the benefits of Loon with governments and mobile network operators, but we do not have a supplementary announcement yet.”

The news comes a month after the announcement of an agreement between Loon and Kenya. Conversations with Uganda are another indication that there may be a market in Africa for Loon, which has recently become a unique division within Alphabet.

Judging by some statements during a ceremony this week, which was attended by representatives of many Ugandan government organizations and the US officials, the nation, believes it is significant to set the instance like Kenya.

Among the new, the US ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac said the spread of the Internet inside Uganda remains a major challenge. The accessibility of Project Loon is a crucial step towards bridging the remote population of Uganda.”


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