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UK Home Sec Asks Tech Giants To Take Firm Action Against Online Child Abuse

Child abuse is a heinous crime that must be controlled immediately without any fail. Now, Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary has declared to take severe action against the tech giants that will fail to take the proper action against the online child abuse on the sexual ground.

In fact, he clearly mentioned that the companies that are demanding must take stricter measures to avoid facing the new legislation. He came forward and announced the same as some of the sites have refused to take the concern with seriousness. However, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are working firmly against the same.

Sajid Javid also stated that he considers the restriction of child abuse is his personal mission and has appreciated the endeavor bestowed by Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google in the segment. He expects a similar contribution from the other companies, who claim to be the giants in its genre but are refraining from taking the responsibilities.

However, he has not yet made clear about the measures that will be taken by the government to tackle the companies that fail to give proper dedication in the matter. He has opened his arms to the tech companies by stating that if the tech companies work in association with the law enforcement team, abolish the segment that deals with child grooming, and eradicate the materials for abuse from the site, these will be able to take the necessary action against the same.

The documentation of the child abuse has become more prominent. In fact, the child abuse images have increased 700% in the past 5 years. As per the NCA or National Crime Agency, around 80,000 people impose a threat of sexual to the children through online mode. In fact, the rise in the live streaming of the abuse is also imposing a threat to the children.

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