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Asian Markets Witnesses a Mixture of Positive and Negative Signs on Tuesday

Tuesday saw some positive sentiment in the market.

The US trade negotiation with Canada did not get a conclusive agreement, last week, which was a big setback for markets. Trade negotiations are expected again this week, hoping to strike the right chord.

Nikkei 225 of Japan was trading flat with a marginal trade in the red. It closed at 22,696.9, which was a 0.05 percent decline. The markets had slipped marginally by 10.48 points.

The Australian Index ASX 200 was in the negative territory at 6293.10. It saw a downward curve of 17.80 points which was down by 0.28 percent. The financial sector which pulled the markets down in the early session, recovered slightly, though markets closed in the red.

Some markets that were seeing some positive sentiment in the market were Hang Seng and Shanghai.

In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index HSI was trading positively by an upward move of 260.80 points. It closed at 27,973.34 which saw an upward gain of 0.94 percent.

Surprisingly, the Shanghai Index of China seemed to see some positive trend in the market, which was at 2750. This was an upward move of 1.10 percent, up by 29.84 points.

The Kospi was also in the green. It was at 2315.72, up by 8.69 points and an upward move by 0.38 percent.

The Australian dollar fell down, to trade at $0.7203 against the dollar at 3 pm, which was a decline of 0.11 percent. The Reserve Bank of Australia had declared an unchanged interest rate in its cash rate which was 1.5 percent.

The Indonesian rupiah fell down to its lowest level in 20 years on Monday. It saw an 8.93 drop on Monday, the worst drop this year. Deficit in current accounts and crisis in the Turkish lira have attributed to this fall, say analysts.

The Japanese yen was also trading weak at 111.34 against the dollar.

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