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Social Media Used For Political Propaganda And Misinformation

CEO, Jack Dorsey from Twitter has provided access to Twitter to Alex Jones.

Alex Jones runs, a website that concentrates on fake news and conspiracy theories. He is always amidst controversies and accuses the US government of various tragic events.

Similarly, Richard Spencer was banned from the Twitter in the year 2016 by the Trust and Safety Team, but was back again with instructions from Jack Dorsey saying “let him keep his Twitter accounts”. He has been allowed a single account, according to sources, in spite of a warning from staff, to ban his account.

Twitter was reluctant to remove content from Infowars, saying that it contained nothing against its policies. “If he goes against Twitters rules, his content will be deleted”, said Dorsey. We will ensure that tweets will not be amplified artificially.

 But some time later, it had to delete some of Infowars’ posts and his posts from Twitter.

It was a time-out for Jones as he spent one-month away from Twitter. The content posted on his Tweets was a violation of the policies followed by Twitter.

On Wednesday, Dorsey will have to answer the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Others to appear for the hearing are Facebook and Google Executives too. A decision is to be taken regarding the use of social media for political propaganda, will be made here.

Social media platforms are being used through foreign influence campaigns to interfere in politics in the United States. Trolls are some issued troubling Iran, Russia and countries.

President Donald Trump has tweeted on the issue, saying that the opinions of the right are closed down.

The accounts of Jones are blocked by Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. His hate speech is not liked by many.

Some of the conspiracy theories that are contradictory in nature are the ‘Pizzagate claim against Hilary Clinton and the school shooting of Sandy Hook.

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