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Consumption Of Food Containing Liquid Nitrogen Is Unhealthy – FDA

The warning in relation with hazards of consuming liquid nitrogen is given by The US Food and Drug Administration. As per the FDA, the consumption of eatables such as cereal, cocktails or ice cream in addition of liquid nitrogen can cause major injury which can lead to organ damage internally.

The respiratory problems can arise mainly to asthma patients due to inhalation of the vapor from edible, in which liquid nitrogen is used. Nowadays, eatables containing liquid nitrogen are easily available in all the markets and public places. Few of such products are “Nitro Puff”, “Heaven’s Breath”, and “Dragon’s Breath.”

The serious harms of liquid nitrogen are related to extreme cold and evaporation. The FDA has studied its damage related to skin and internal organs which are caused by liquid nitrogen containing food. The respiratory symptoms such as abnormal breathing due to inhaling of the vapor emitted by liquid nitrogen when added instantly before consumption have been reported.

There are also reports of the injuries occurring due to managing or consuming food products after the vapors of liquid nitrogen had fully evaporated due to an extremely low temperature of food.

On a similar note, recently, an incident was reported in Delhi, India, where a man accidentally consumed liquid nitrogen and sustained an injury in his digestive system. His associated symptoms were breathlessness, extreme pain, and abdominal swelling. There was rise in his lactic acid level which showed oxygen deprivation. Also recently, the FDA banned the e-cigarette liquid products which look identical to snacks or candies. These e-cigarettes are packaged similarly that of cookies, snacks, and other candies which are hugely popular among kids. As per the agency, the ads and labels on the e-cigarette were misleading and false. These e-cigarette’s products were creating confusion among children.