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Facebook Promises To Run Completely On Renewable Energy By The Year 2020

With the global warming being a serious issue on people’s minds (except President Trump), Facebook has now decided to jump in the bandwagon of organizations operating on or planning to operate on renewable energy sources by the year 2020. This will be a big push by the organization in combating climate change. As part of the plan, Facebook aims to reduce the greenhouse emissions by the organization by 75 percent, thus making its operations run 100 percent on renewable sources of energy by the targeted period.

As part of the resolution which started way back in 2013, the company has so far signed contracts for more than 3 gigawatts of wind and solar energy projects, as mentioned in a blog post by the company. These projects are built in Oregon, Virginia, New Mexico and Sweden, which are Facebook data centers, on the same grids. Facebook had set a goal of covering its operations with 50 percent renewable energy in 2015, which it achieved earlier this year. Many tech giants similar to Facebook are also taking an active part in this initiative to combat climate change by going green. Samsung had made a vow in June to cover its operations in United States, China and Europe with 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2020. Apple and Google have also purchased renewable energy in the form of wind or solar energy, which offset their global energy consumption since April this year.

Meanwhile, there had been a temporary disappearance of Twitter posts, when Facebook appeared to have removed all the timeline posts, which had been cross-published from Twitter, due to privacy-focused API restrictions that had been imposed on third-party developers. The restrictions had been put owing to Cambridge Analytica scandal, which had caused a huge uproar a few months back and has been continuously haunting Facebook. The changes came into effect from the 1st of August, but have now been restored. The issue arose, owing to a Twitter admin who had requested that the app be deleted, which resulted in the cross-posted content also being removed from user profiles.

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