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Nearly 8,900 Businesses And Homes In Nebraska To Get Internet; Thanks To Connect America

 for the first time ever, many homes in Nebraska, more than nearly 8,900 are going to get the access to high-speed internet and this is going to happen because of the Connect America Fund Phase 2 auction of the Federal Communications Commission, according to the reports that were released on this Tuesday. The decision is taken to provide the broadband service in the areas where it is still unserved and $41,117,139 would be distributed in the time span of nearly a decade in order to accomplish the same. As many as four of the providers have won the support from this fund of Connect America.

IF the funding had not been there, it would have just remained a dream to provide the internet to these many people, as the broadband service expansion on this huge level would not be feasible, as far as the economical aspect of the same is concerned, and hence the funding has helped the region a lot and is indeed an incredible news for all the residents of Nebraska, as per the statement given by Ajit Pai, who is the Chairman of FCC.

As many as 45 states have many areas that are still left unserved when it comes to the broadband services and the fund is going to help more than 13 providers so they can bring about the change that is highly needed. Nearly 53% of the homes along with the businesses, that are going to be benefited in the region, are going to get the download speed of more than 10 Mbps, and nearly 19% of the people are going to get the gigabit service. This decision is taken by the FCC considering multiple reasons and one of the most important ones is because it wants to close the common digital divide that is present in the region.


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