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AOL And Yahoo Are Attracting Advertisers By Scanning Users’ Personal Emails

Oath, which is actually the advertising arm of the company Verizon, owns both AOL and Yahoo, and has recently started to pitch the advertisers a type of service which is allowing them to actually go over the accounts of nearly 200 million people that use the email services. This is a huge opportunity on the side of the advertisers and there are multiple benefits of the same. This can help the advertisers to identify the types of the customers and later these potential customers can be segmented, after picking up on the buying signals along with the purchases that were made by them in the recent past.

According to the Vice President of data measurement and insights Oath, Dough Sharp, this service can do wonders for the people who are actually willing to spend some amount of money which can give them the access to the commercial emails in the accounts of any account holder. But the fact to be noted here that despite the access, the data is going to be anonymized, considering the privacy concerns of the users. The man also added that Email is indeed an expensive system and hence the value exchange that is expected here is not only reasonable but also ethical in all sort of ways, if the advertising service is going on the mail.

But his is not just applicable to the people who have not been using the premium Yahoo, which takes as much as $3.49 a month which gives a complete ad-free experience. Rather, this is applicable to the premium users as well and they have not been immune to the same, as their emails can also be scanned for the service. But his system has actually collapsed out of favor, for instance, Gmail stopped using the same last year, and Microsoft has never allowed access to email data to the advertisers.