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Yet Another High Profile AI Hire Made By JPMorgan

The company JPMorgan has been hiring from a particular domain since some time and has made another hire recently which proves the fact that the company is highly serious when it comes to the Artificial Intelligence. Apoorv Saxena, the man who was an executive in charge of the cloud-based artificial intelligence products at the tech giant Google, is expected to join the bank by the next week where he will be the head of Artificial Intelligence along with the Machine Learning Services. Not only that, this role is going to place the man in charge of the asset wealth management AI technology as well, according to the internal memo  that gave the information about the same.

The man will be working in Palo Alto, and is not the first hire by the company in the last few months, but rather the second when it comes to high profile artificial intelligence hiring. This recruiting push is a result of a multiple things that include the fact that some of the Wall Street’s players have started a race to deploy the Artificial Intelligence, which is highly beneficial in some of the areas including fraud detection, loan approval, and other things that are used to make the internal operations more and more efficient.

Daniel Pinto, who is the co-founder and the head of the corporate and investment bank of the same, that the company always explores new ways to offer the clients of the company in a faster, simpler, and a better way to do business. He also added that those who will not invest in it will have a difficult future. The man believes that the speed of the technological innovation is going to increase even more in the years ahead, and things like machine learning, AI, big data, distributed ledgers and robotics are going to shape the future.