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NASA Candidate Quits His Job—An Event Reported 1st Time In 50 Years

“Robb Kulin Quits NASA for reasons better known to him.”

It’s been more than a year now that NASA has introduced their 12 astronaut candidate. These 12 members have been selected from around 18k application, and after completing the training of 2 years, the candidate was about to join the corps of space agency for assignment on the ISS (International Space Station) mission, lunar orbit or even on the surface of Moon.

However, Robb Kulin, one of the 12 introduced astronauts will not make it any further. Brandi Dean, spokeswoman of NASA, on Monday confirmed that Kulin has quit his position with NASA, effective from August 31 for personal reasons.

As per the Sources, Kulin is a family man with confidence about his abilities, who belongs to Anchorage in Alaska. He was a mechanical engineer who was the employee of SpaceX, working as a senior manager for the reliability of flight, and later joined NASA.

At the time of a news conference in June 2017, Kulin said, “Hopefully, One day I will be on the spacecraft that has the components which I Used to design.”

As per a space historian, Robert Pearlman, it is very unusual for an astronaut candidate to drop out the training before its completion and becoming assigned to an astronaut office.

Pearlman, Editor of collectSPACE, a space history news website, said, “The last time when an astronaut quit its position at NASA before completing its training was in 1968, that is 5 decades from now.”

The 2017 class of NASA that has 12 astronauts, which includes 5 women and 7 men, were the 22nd group of trainees of the Space Agency since the original Mercury Seven Astronauts were chosen in 1959. At that time, the members of the group ranged in between 29 and 42 years of age and Kulin is 35 years old.

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