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Air Pollution Likely To Affect Cognitive Intelligence

Air Pollution Likely To Affect Cognitive Intelligence

According to a new study released by China, a consistent exposure to the air pollution negatively affects the cognitive health of the human beings. The study also revealed that the people who have lesser educational knowledge get affected the most while the people with older age are vulnerable to the condition. The risk also elevates with the increasing age.

The researchers from the Yale University in the US and Perking University in Beijing, China, have executed a study over a span of 4 years on none less than 20,000 people. Though the study was conducted on a negligible number of people against the huge population of the world, the speculation was released globally as the intensity air pollution is very high in almost 80% of the area in the world. The researchers have stated that the study was conducted on the basis of the verbal tests.

The US-China researchers analyzed information by considering the measurements of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulates that have the diameters smaller than 10 micrometers. However, they didn’t include the pollutants like carbon monoxide, larger particulates, and ozone among the polluting factors while the intensity of the considered pollutants is not yet clear.

 According to the WHO or World Health Organization, air pollution is synonymous with a silent killer that has caused around 7 million deaths among the premature across the globe.

Pollution is also a prominent contributor to the deadly diseases like various kinds of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The verbal study on 20,000 people was conducted from 2010 to 2014 on both the genders aging over 10 years of age. They were interrogated with 34 word recognizing questions and 24 standard questions related to mathematics.

According to Hong Kong Polytechnic’s Derrick Ho, the studies conducted in the past and recent have matched. Both of the researches have proved that air pollution has a negative impact on the intellectual abilities of the human and the intensity of the impact increases with age.

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