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Google To Counter Apple’s Memoji With Minis

Google in 2017 bided adieu to its “blob” emojis and in 2018 it has welcomed a new type of emojis dubbed as “Minis.” These are not your normal emojis and plan to vie against Apple’s Memoji function that imitate the users’ expressions and transforms it in to live emojis. The search behemoth has rolled out these “Mini” stickers on both iOS and Android operating system.

Google Minis merges artist illustrations and machine learning to sketch an emoji that matches the user’s face. They also take into consideration the eye color, skin color, face shape, hair style, and other factors including facial hair, as per media reports.

It has also been cited that the sticker pack generates more than 100 stickers based on your personality. For now, the stickers are not yet obtainable on most of the handsets but in all likelihood will be available soon with the new Gboard app.

On a similar note, Google conducted its “Google for India” event recently. The company stated that Google Tez will now be named as Google Pay. The firm claims Rs 2 Lakh Crore annual run-rate of transaction and 22 Million active users. In addition, although Google Tez now has a fresh name, its functions stay the same. Google Pay will also allow consumers to avail of pre-approved loans from the bank via the app. The firm has joined hands with HDFC, Federal, Kotak Mahindra, and ICICI banks for this.

As per Google, India is the quickest-developing nation on Google Maps. The firm included 50 million-plus building in 2018 to Google Maps. Google has also joined hands for Google Maps with RedBus.

In addition, Google Assistant will now support well-liked local apps. The company’s virtual assistant will soon support 7 additional languages of India. Google Go will soon read out the web in Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Malayalam.

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