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McAfee Warns Parents About Their Mistakes

McAfee Warns Parents About Their Mistakes

McAfee, the cyber security company, declared results from its newest study and established that 40.5% of parents post a video or photo of their kid on their social media accounts minimum once a day with 36% posting a pic of their kid once a week. The study underlines the degree of child exposure on the Internet increasing out of a desire to stay linked with family and friends.

McAfee conducted OnePoll to perform a study on 1000 parents of kids between the age of 1 month and 16 years.

Most parents verified the following issues related to sharing pics online comprising stalking (32%), pedophilia (16.5%), cyberbullying (23%), and kidnapping (43%). But most of them (62%) did not even consider if their kids will approve to their pics being published online. What is even more concerning is that an enormous 76% of parents claim that they are aware that the pics of their kids posted online can end up in the bad actors.

On a similar note, McAfee earlier in July this year claimed that cybercriminals are more and more using “fileless” attacks that use trusted Windows “.exe” files to breach corporate networks and invade systems.

“Fileless” attacks do not install malware on a user’s system. Rather, they employ tools already set up on PCs or run simple shellcode & scripts in memory, often concealed in the Windows Registry.

As per McAfee, the “fileless” attacks are increasing as these attacks are rolled out via memory or reputable executables and are difficult to find.

“One fileless attack, named as CactusTorch, employs the ‘DotNetToJScript’ method that executes and loads malicious ‘.NET’ files directly from memory,” McAfee claimed to the media. “In 2018, we have witnessed rapid development in the employment of CactusTorch, which can run custom shellcode on Windows systems,” it claimed.

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