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DoorDash Finally Makes Certain That Delivery Employees Get User Tips

DoorDash drivers will get 100% of tips below a renovated set of guidelines on pay. The delivery platform this week declared a new earnings and tipping rule that it states will result in drivers getting more on average. The renovation follows over a month after media exposed the firm for taking off its driver’s tips. In answer to the extensive backlash, Tony Xu (DoorDash CEO) pledged it might reexamine how it pays its employees.

Below the new rule, drivers will get a basic pay that varies in the tune of $2–10, and is predicted based on factors such as duration, distance, and the job’s desirability. “Deliveries that are anticipated to consume more time, that needs drives to travel a lengthier distance, and that are less well-liked with drivers will have higher basic pay,” claimed Xu to the media. Besides that, drivers will be capable of pocketing 100% of the tips they get from users. DoorDash was initially condemned for its method of subsidizing employees’ pay with the tips they get from users.

Drivers will also have the opportunity to get extra revenue for deliveries made for especially high performance or at the time of peak times. These promotions will be dubbed as “Challenge Bonuses” or “Peak Pay,” and will launch out to drivers over the coming few months.

On a similar note, DoorDash previously stated that it aims to be a more ethical food delivery firm. It claimed that it has already started concentrating on sustainability and had offered voter registration kits together with the standard faire of meals, snacks, and beer. But the firm has attracted condemnation for its tipping policy, in which drivers do not always receive the tips that customers give them. The firm earlier claimed that it is updating its payment structure in a meaner it claims will be more transparent for its delivery employees.

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