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Two People Who Took Experiment Treatment Recovered From Ebola Virus

The officials of health ministry department of Congo say that the 2 individuals out of 10 who participated in the experimental treatment in the latest outbreak for Ebola virus have been reported as recovered, and monitoring of the patients can help in finding out the fact that what role the treatment has played in all these.

On Saturday, the head of WHO congratulated the government of Congo for making few of the experimental procedures accessible for the latest outbreak of Ebola referring it as a global first, as well as a ray of hope for individuals with the disease.

The 2 individuals who have received the mAb114 medication are not related to Ebola Outbreak in 1995. The treatment was among the first 5 experimental treatments that have been approved by Congo for utilizing in the outbreak that was announced on August 1. The other experiment medications are Remdesivir, ZMapp, Regn3450 – 3471 – 3479 and Favipiravir.

On Friday the emergency preparedness head of WHO said that Ebola has infected to the level of high-security risk, a crucial moment that put the health of medical staff at risk. There are some officials from an armed group who are roaming in the densely populated Northeast region of Congo, and the officials from health department have stated the red zone where the outbreak happened to pose a crucial challenge to diagnose and screen the people who might be infected.

Congo shares there have been 79 cases of Ebola virus which have been confirmed that includes 42 deaths and 14 individuals who recovered from the issue. However, there are 28 other cases but there is no biological sample available for laboratory testing.

The regions that got affected by this recent outbreak has North region of Ituri province, Borders of Uganda, South Sudan and Rwanda in the list.

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