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With Pentagon Making AI the Top Priority, The Main Concern Is The Support Of Silicon Valley

Jim Mattis, who is the Defense Secretary of the United States, has already implored the US President Donald Trump in a memo given to him in the month of May, regarding the creation of a national strategy for the Artificial Intelligence as well, which has become very important in the recent past. The Defense Secretary had also argued initially about the United States not focusing enough on the subject and thus said that it is not anywhere close to the serious plans of some countries like China and others that have been showing huge interest in this field.

The report by the man does actually reflect an increasing sense of urgency about the Artificial Intelligence among the officials. The planners as well as consultants have been already thinking in the same direction and have also called AI to be a potential game changer as far as the warfare is concerned.

The White House, on the other hand, seems to have taken the issues not so seriously as it is evident from the decisions as no federal policy has been set yet. But the Pentagon is now trying to improve the ties with the researchers of Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the Silicon Valley, as some guardedness is present there about working with the intelligence agencies as well as the military.

The Pentagon also announced the launching of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, back in June. The new program is expected to start soon, in the following month and it is expected that there will be some new offices in the country that will be used for the same. The only huge concern that can hamper the operations is the support of the Silicon Valley as the researchers believe that creating robotic weapons is different than creating robotic vehicles, as they pose a huge threat to humanity unlike the latter.