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US Researchers Say Russia Spreading Misinformation on Twitter

Research experts from the US are saying that Russia is spreading false information about vaccines on the social network which is becoming a cause for distrust in the public. They are using fake accounts to spread this misinformation and also engaged in the distribution of malware. These account holders are trolling on the social media in a way to effect the US elections. They are using Twitter to post their tweets about vaccines. This has been proved by a study done by these experts. The study also discovered that many posts are coming up both for and against these vaccines and thereby creating a situation of false equality. The researchers gave their results based upon studies of thousands of posts on Twitter from the year 2014 to 2017.

Mark Dredze who belongs to the John Hopkins University said that this topic of vaccines was reportedly used by fake account holders typically known as bots as an issue which can be pushed to create a sense of conflict. He further explained that by creating a sense of equanimity about the role of vaccines, they were exposing the general public to the serious risks of getting contagious diseases.

In the start of this month, the World Health Organization had reported that the cases of measles are on a record high in the European countries. The cause was as given by experts as that of a decrease in the vaccination among the general public. According to a research result announced in June, the vaccination numbers were also on a decline because of people’s rising believes in religion and philosophy. They are reluctant to take their children for immunization. The study which came out in an American Journal is of the opinion that on social networking sites like Twitter, there has been a lot of debate and argument is found to be going around on about the topic which is alarming.