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Disney to Introduce “Disney Play” Streaming Platform Soon

Disney to Introduce “Disney Play” Streaming Platform Soon

The new streaming platform from Disney is to be introduced as “Disney Play”.

Consumer-direct streaming with Disney Play is a new feather-in-the-cap feature of Disney. This is the new target for the company and by 2019 this will soon become a reality.

The bidding war between Comcast and Disney to the vast 21st Century Fox content was a bone of contention for a very long time. However, it was ultimately secured by Disney for a whopping amount of $71.3 billion.

Disney now plans to enter the direct-to-consumer streaming service in the video business, with this victory through the multi-billion dollar deal. The CEO of Disney Company, Bob Iger says that reaching out to the vast Disney fans is the company’s first priority.

OF course, if Disney enters this direct-to-consumer streaming, it will miss out on its revenue from Netflix which is almost $300 million annually.

Box office hits like Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 and other children stories like Dumbo, Aladdin, and the Lion King have always been the favorites of little children and will soon be played on Disney Play. Films like Marvel, Moana will also be included.

However, some like Jessica Jones and Daredevil from Marvel TV will still remain with Netflix.

Captain Marvel will be exclusively from Disney Play from Marvel Studios. New TV series that are some of the favorites from Disney-Pixar will also find its way to Disney Play.

Building up a reasonable volume of content is required before reaching out to fans says, Iger.

This subscription service from Disney was first announced last year in August. Disney had said that it will be relocating from Netflix Platform to its own platform by 2019. Iger has acknowledged that the subscription service will be less than Netflix.

Meanwhile, the quarterly results from Disney were less than expectations. Its revenues were $15.23 billion while profits were $1.87 per share.

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