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A Study Suggests That Deep Forehead Wrinkles Could Be Linked To Cardiovascular Disease

Science has just given another great reason to avoid wrinkles as most of the people don’t want any lines on their foreheads. According to the new study, people with deeper forehead wrinkles are most likely to die because of cardiovascular diseases and typically with the increase in the age they have a higher risk of dying of cardiovascular disease.

This study was conducted by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), which analyzed the 3,200 healthy adults at their various stage of life over a period of 20 years, and assigned them a score for their wrinkles. Zero score means no wrinkles at all and three score means having a numerous wrinkle. During the time of the study, almost 233 participants died because of various reason and it was found that 15.2% of the total, participants with the score of 3 died then followed with the score of 2 which was 6.6% and then with the zero also died which amounts to only 2.1% of the total.

The research team also considered the factors such as age, sex, smoking habits, heart rate, lipids levels, diabetes, and education before concluding that people with the score of one or two have a ten times higher chance of dying than the people with zero score. The team also theorized the reason of this and suggested that this could be because of atherosclerosis, a case of hardening of arteries due to plaque buildup during the course of time; this majorly contributes to the cardiovascular events.

This is the first time that a finding suggests that there is a link between the forehead wrinkles and cardiovascular risk, which needs to be confirmed in the following future researchers, but by the meanwhile this practice could be used by the physicians, clinics, and offices to have a check on the risk of the cardiovascular disease.