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Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Lowering Drugs To Improve The Survival Chances: Research

A report was submitted recently to the European Society of Cardiology, suggests that patients with high blood pressure at the age of mid-60s are less likely to die if they had consumed the drugs which particularly consist of both statin and a calcium channel blocker-based blood pressure lowering.

The Anglo Scandinavian Cardiac Outcome Trial (ASCOT) is a legacy long-term study conducted between 1998 and 2000 asked patients with high blood pressure and three or more additional risk factors for cardiovascular disease to get involved in the study, Dr. Ajay Gupta from William Harvey Research Institute, London, has conducted the study and found the astonishing results so far. Under his guidance the scientist came to know that patients with high blood pressure who took drugs which has the calcium-based blocker for 5.5 years has reduced the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease by 29%, as compared to the patient who took the older regime of drugs which involves the beta blocker base, didn’t find any significant improvement during the course of time and the risk of having a cardiovascular risk reduced to only 10%.

Professor Peter Sever, National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College, London says that this result is remarkable to have he was also involved in the study and conducted the research jointly with Dr. Gupta, these drugs have a long-term benefit as found with the study in the blood pressure. The primary objective was to found whether there is any significant change in the effectiveness of the lowering the blood pressure treatment in the newer method and in the older method. And to evaluate whether there are more numbers of heart attack associated with the blood pressure treatment method, and to see at what extend the cardiovascular risk gets reduced in the simultaneous method of treatment.