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Facebook Is Implementing A New Approach To Connect You With Strangers

In an attempt to create more user engagement, the social media giant Facebook is constantly testing new ideas in their social media platform from time to time. According to the recent reports from the experts suggests that there has been a constant dip in the social engagement particularly over the Facebook platform. Reports also suggest that because of fierce competition from the other growing social media platform has to lead to a decrease in the user engagement in Facebook. To some extreme extent that users have been found ditching Facebook account totally.

As there is constant development in the new way of socializing in the virtual world, from time to time Facebook has been struggling to keep up the user engagements and did some overhauling changes in their platform after getting influenced by the ongoing trend. Recently, it is been noticed by some of the users at the United States that Facebook is testing a new feature called Things in the Common label in the Facebook page, which will allow the user to connect to the people who are not their friends but do have some things in common with that person.

This feature will help people to connect with those who have some interest things to share with each other as both of them have a common interest. This conversation might not happen otherwise if the user doesn’t know that the other person shares the same things in common or belong to the same community or whatever one’s profile suggests to the other.

Facebook keenly made a statement that only information displayed in the profile of the user would be used not more than anything would be made to share to protect the privacy of the user. Its however interesting to know that this feature will allow the user to have a spiced up experiencing with the people with common interest and Facebook does really hope that this feature would once again increase the rate of user engagement.