FB Employees Expressed Concerns On Cambridge Analytica In Sept 2015

On Friday Facebook released internal emails in which employees have expressed concern regarding Cambridge Analytica’s data usage during September 2015. In those emails, employees of Facebook have gone thorough discussion for months about what to consider about the practices adopted during Cambridge Analytica.

As per the document which was published by Facebook, it was revealed that Aleksandr Kogan, who worked for a firm dealing in collection of political data had gathered information of millions of US citizens during 2015 in an illegal manner.

Contrary to this, during 2018’s American Senate hearing Kogan stated that he was aware about conflict between Facebook’s policies and steps which he had taken during Cambridge Analytica in 2015. Kogan and Joseph Chancellor, who is his business partner had discussed about their activities regarding Facebook on several occasions.

During March 2018, practices which were adopted by Kogan went for public scrutiny; this prompted several investigations and enforced Mark Zuckerberg to face the congress. Back in November 2015, Chancellor was hired by Facebook. Facebook had to release internal communications once the company reached an agreement of unsealing the document with District of Columbia’s attorney general. Karl Racine is currently suing Facebook for the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. Previously, the document had been cited in one of the complaints which were separately filed against Facebook earlier this year by Security and Exchange Commission.

During a meet, Racine’s spokesperson stated that District of Columbia had fought hard so that the document could be accessed by the common people, as the people of America need to know what Facebook acknowledges about weakness in data security. The spokesperson further stated that as per the conversations, alarms were raised by the employees of Facebook in regard to political partners as well as doubts regarding compliance with the company’s data policies which might have taken place on September 2015.

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