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Two Virtual Reality Apps Launched By NASA

Two virtual reality applications have been created by NASA that enables users to click selfies in front of stunning cosmic places and look at the only recognized exoplanet system to swarm 7 approximately Earth-size planets. The Exoplanet Excursions VR and Selfies apps were launched to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Spitzer Space Telescope’s launch of NASA. Spitzer’s wonderful images and astonishing discoveries are at these new products’ center, as said by NASA.

The new Selfies application enables you to create your snapshots in a virtual spacesuit, posturing in front of beautiful cosmic sites, such as the Milky Way galaxy’s center or the Orion Nebula. Also, the app offers details regarding the science behind these striking pictures. At present, there are 30 startling pictures to select from, all captured by Spitzer. More pictures from the other human and science spaceflight assignments of the agency will be included in the prospect. In the Exoplanet Excursions VR application, VR users can engage in a directed explore of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system.

The TRAPPIST-1 is the only recognized exoplanet system to horde 7 approximately Earth-size planets. A key role has been played by Spitzer in discovering these planets and offered details that have assisted researchers to study the probable compositions of the planets.

The TRAPPIST-1 system is extremely distant for telescopes to see these planets directly, but this VR experience features impressions of artists of how the planets may appear. These impressions are derived from details from Spitzer as well as other telescopes that have explored the TRAPPIST-1 system.

The app’s users are toured around 5 of the 7 planets, encircled by space’s blackness and the faint lights of far-away stars. This VR app will be accessible for Vive and Oculus through the Spitzer mission website as well as will soon be accessible via the Oculus store.

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