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SpiceJet Operates First Biofuel-Powered Flight

SpiceJet Operates First Biofuel-Powered Flight

This week SpiceJet operated India’s first test flight using biojet fuel. This marked a new episode in the fast-developing domestic aviation industry. The 45-minute flight to the national capital from Dehradun was managed with a Bombardier Q400 aircraft, partly using biojet fuel originated from Jatropha facility, as per an official of the airline.

India has turned into one of the few nations and probably the first amongst the developing countries with the test flight to employ biofuel for operating planes. SpiceJet this week claimed that it has successfully landed the first-ever biojet fuel flight of India. This comes at a time when the sector is struggling with spiraling fuel costs that are affecting their profitability. On the other hand, employment of biofuel for usual flights will take a bit longer.

Speaking of SpiceJet, the firm earlier this year made plans to cash in on the e-commerce growth. This comes as the company looks for new sources of income after a near-death experience over a year back.

The Gurgaon-located airline aims to start as many as 40 warehouses and purchase 100 mini trucks all over the nation to offer fast delivery options to the Indian users who more and more purchases everything from expensive gadgets to groceries from e-commerce websites.

Being the first airline to aim for a decision, SpiceJet will employ the mini trucks (all Tata 407s) to offer connectivity between airports and warehouses. The infrastructure will offer the much-required support to its air cargo plans. The company did not answer to an e-mail looking for answers. Analysts claim that SpiceJet must keep its aim on the fundamental areas of processes and not on non-fundamental businesses.

There are several problems around transporting the cargo by fixing it through ropes to the seat, first one being the dent it poses to the seat, the officials claimed.

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